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FTSE 100 given a shot by Diageo; Downing a few drinks; taking the P


Here’s Proactive’s round-up of the top financial stories of the day, with helpful links taking you directly to the news

1. FTSE 100 given a shot by Johnnie Walker owner Diageo

The FTSE 100 closed around 84 points, or 1.13% higher at 7,554.31 on Thursday, with traders raising a glass to Diageo as pubs and bars restock

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2. Plan B for a booze-up; they’ll be Downing (Street) a few drinks in Whitehall for sure

Plan B restrictions were officially lifted today so wine, dine, dance and be merry. 

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3. IPO – I’m peed off (and so you should be if you backed these initial public offerings)

2021 was a record year for initial public offerings in the US but sometimes there is a reason why company founders make a grab for the money and run

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4. The Fed when it’s not so reserved

The US central bank has signalled its intention to start hiking interest rates again. What does that mean for my holiday in Florida … er … global stock markets?

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5. We’re all going on a summer holiday

But we won’t be going by London bus.

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Wait! There’s more. There’s an earnings preview of iPhone maker Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) (spoiler alert: they are still making lots of money) while Amazon.com Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) has closed down a scheme that paid employees to say positive things on social media about working in the e-commerce giant’s warehouses (“The toilets were amazing the one time I was allowed to use them,” – Ian Continent)


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