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NinjaFloki Keeps Impressing with 230% Gain


Cryptocurrency NinjaFloki (NKF) may be new to the market, but it’s made a lot of waves already. Investors and analysts alike are paying attention to this gaming crypto despite it only ranking around #4,000 in the market.

Spectacular Gains

NinjaFloki isn’t exactly on a bullish trend overall, but every time it seems to hit bottom, it skyrockets again. What’s so impressive is that this crypto has been doing that for about a month now. Investors can almost set their watches to its price spikes and drops. It tends to stay high almost as long as it dips low, making the crypto as fun to watch as the game is to play.

We’ve seen cryptos go through this kind of surge and ebb for a little while, but it’s atypical to see one do it for an entire month. It looks like a lot of the spikes have died down, as we haven’t seen any major movement, comparatively speaking, over the last few days. However, NinjaFloki still managed an impressive 229% gain over the last 24 hours. That’s dropping as I’m writing this article, because the crypto is really unstable, but at the same time it has been fairly predictable.

It is definitely worth mentioning some of it stellar gains, as last time we checked in with this cryptocurrency, it had gained more than 3,700% over a 24-hour period. We’re not seeing massive gains on that level any longer, and it’s unlikely that we’ll see them again, but there is still impressive enough bullish movement here that NinjaFloki is worth investing in.

Should You Dip Your Toes in?

We definitely advise caution moving forward with this crypto, as it is certainly unstable. However, we expect the crypto to pick up and start to shoot even higher when the full game is released. Right now, only a demo for NinjaFloki is available, but users can still earn income passively by playing the game and storing away tokens.

Of course, if the game ends up being a spectacular failure, the price is going to bottom out, but for now, there’s still enough movement in both directions to make this crypto worth a look. Apparently, not a lot of investors agree at the moment, as it’s only seeing about $161,000 in trade volume over 24 hours, but we might see those numbers change if this crypto continues to trend and gets any mainstream attention.


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