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Trump latest news: Ex-president ‘mulled’ blanket Jan 6 pardon in


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Donald Trump floated the idea of a blanket pardon for January 6 rioters before leaving office, according to a report by Politico.

The news comes as the former president has turned on one of his most loyal Republican allies, Lindsey Graham, after he dismissed Mr Trump’s latest suggestion that he would pardon rioters who stormed the US Capitol that have faced criminal sentences should he return to office in 2024.

The former president floated the idea over the weekend, putting him at odds even with many Republicans. When Mr Graham also took against it, Mr Trump told a Newsmax interviewer that his dogged ally “doesn’t know what he’s talking about” and even called him a “RINO”.

Senator Graham stands by his comments, reiterating his position without mentioning Mr Trump.

As the 6 January House Select Committee looks into the former president’s role in sowing distrust over the outcome of the 2020 election, Democrat congressman Pete Aguilar of California, who is on the investigation panel, was asked if the comments about pardoning Capitol rioters amounted to witness tampering.

He replied: “Absolutely.”


Trump charges $250,000 for midterm forum

Former president Donald Trump is charging a whopping $250,000 per couple for top paying guests to attend a “Take Back Congress Candidate Forum” at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida this month.

The event to be held on 23 February will offer guests who pay the amount a private dinner with Mr Trump, VIP seatings and an “option to purchase a two-night stay at Ma-a-Lago during forum”.

On Twitter on Wednesday, the New York Times reporter and Trump watcher Maggie Haberman said: “$250k lets you pay for a Mar-a-Lago guest room.”

The price range starts from $5,000 per couple for attendance.

Andrew Naughtie3 February 2022 09:50


Alex Jones encourages Marjorie Taylor Greene to run for president

During an interview on Wednesday advertised as the “most censored broadcast in the world,” Mr Jones told Ms Greene that she would make a good candidate for president.

Stuti Mishra3 February 2022 09:05


Son of New York judge who dressed as caveman at Capitol riot pleads guilty

The son of a New York judge who stormed the US Capitol on 6 January 2021 while dressed as a caveman has pleaded guilty to three counts during a virtual court hearing.

Aaron Mostofsky, 35, of Brooklyn, is charged with one felony count of civil disorder, one count of theft of government property, and one count of entering and remaining in a restricted building.

Stuti Mishra3 February 2022 08:15


Voices: Downfall of the CNN boss who ‘helped make Trump the president’

Donald Trump called CNN boss Jeff Zucker ‘a sleaze bag’ but, Andrew Buncombe asks, does he owe him his political success?

Stuti Mishra3 February 2022 07:42


Tucker Carlson gave Marjorie…


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