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Trump news today: Archives staff say more records being located by


Trump tries to turn tables by claiming he was victim of attempted coup

Former President Donald Trump is under suspicion of violating federal law by allegedly mishandling documents that the White House was required to keep safe for preservation.

A weekend report by The Washington Post claimed White House documents ranging from schedules to sensitive memos were regularly ripped into quarters and tossed into trash bins or “burn bags” for incineration at the Pentagon.

The practice reportedly led to aides being forced to sift through the contents to determine which needed to be preserved under the Presidential Records Act, which requires the White House to maintain all documents touched by the president for preservation by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

New concerns about Mr Trump’s adherence to the Presidential Records Act emerged early Monday as another Post report revealed NARA visited his Mar-a-Lago residence last month to retrieve multiple boxes that had been improperly removed from the White House.

Advisers to the former president insisted the boxes didn’t contain any sensitive materials but rather mementos and correspondence from other world leaders – including letters from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.


Major scientific organisation disinvites top White House official after bullying report

A major organisation that oversees the publication of scientific journals including their flagship Science magazine disinvited a top White House official from their annual meeting on Monday after blowback over an investigation conducted by the White House that found credible evidence for claims that he bullied staff.

Dr Eric Lander was cut from the list of featured speakers at the annual convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the group’s CEO confirmed early Monday evening, hours after White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended the decision not to fire him.

A report from the White House obtained by Politico and published on Monday revealed that Dr Lander had repeatedly demeaned and insulted coworkers and subordinates and even taken steps to marginalise and force people out of the small White House office he oversees. Dr Lander apologised in a statement, but one of his named accusers said that he had only acknowledged a small fraction of his rude and inappropriate behaviour.

John Bowden8 February 2022 02:30


Biden Covid adviser apologises for bullying staff

A top official who serves as the White House’s main adviser on issues of science and technology who sits on the Covid-19 response team apologised on Friday after an internal White…


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