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Binance Accelerator Fund Invests in Ruby Play Network Seed Round By


Binance Accelerator Fund Invests in Ruby Play Network Seed Round
    • Binance Accelerator Fund makes investment in Ruby Play Network.
    • RPN recently announced its upcoming IDO on Gate.io.
    • Ruby Play List to end on February 21.

Ruby Play Network is proud to announce the official backing from the Binance Accelerator Fund. The invested partnership is considered a prestigious honour, with significant prominence in the decentralized finance space. The Ruby Play Network’s crypto gaming platform has secured yet further institutional backing – prior to the IEO – due late February. Binance joins a list of other well-known cryptocurrency players and privates, including Yellow.org and Coinpresso.

RPN’s B2B and B2C propositions are unique and innovative. Exactly what the Binance Accelerator Fund was designed to seek, find and accelerate. The mission of the Binance Fund is to increase the rate of mainstream adoption and bring disruption and innovation to the legacy financial infrastructures and traditional industry sectors. Ruby Play Network is doing just that – disrupting the traditional and online gaming sectors through blockchain technology. The Binance Accelerator Fund acquired about 1% of Ruby Play Network holdings in the purchase-shareholder agreement, completed at the seed round phase.

What exactly is the Binance Accelerator Fund?

The Binance Accelerator Fund was launched alongside the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet in 2020. Initially it was called the $100 million dollar Binance Accelerator Fund, but after major initial success, the total legacy funding amount was increased to $500 million. The purpose of the fund, established at the onset, is to empower developing cryptocurrency projects and stimulate collaboration between centralized and decentralized finance.

The first wave of selected projects in its 2020 genesis, used accelerator funds towards innovation that helped create documented market capitalization increases upwards of 500%. Ruby Play Network has made steady progress developing its largely inclusive blockchain gaming platform. The Binance Accelerator fund backing, and other significant institutional backers like yellow.org and crypto marketing agency – Coinpresso – helps to drive more innovation towards the rewarding user experience RPN is designed to render.

Invested Binance accelerator funds have been pretty well distributed among crypto projects engaging in web3 infrastructure, website and development tools, NFTs, decentralized finance, media and community. Another positive note for Ruby Play Network in particular is the fact that the lowest share has been awarded to companies in the remaining category – Gamefi. This certainly suggests the opportunity exists for RPN to stand out as yet another successful Binance Accelerator Fund recipient, and set the standard for crypto gaming projects.

The gaming network has been diligent in running promotions and staging incentives for everyday investors, such as the Ruby Play List. The…


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Binance Accelerator Fund Invests in Ruby Play Network Seed Round By