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Trump news live: Hillary Clinton mocks ‘spying’ claims, as Giuliani


Stormy Daniels obliquely denies having written statement on Trump affair

As a debunked story that Hillary Clinton “spied” on Donald Trump makes the rounds in right-wing media, Rudy Giuliani has fanned the flames by saying he has the proof in “my bedroom, or my den, actually,” he told Newsmax on Tuesday. “I’ve had it there for years.”

Mr Giuliani, who served as Mr Trump’s personal attorney while he was still in the White House, did not elaborate on what that evidence was. He only said there was lots of it.

Former secretary of state Ms Clinton has hit back mocking the “fake scandal” set up to distract from the former president’s misdeeds.

Joe Biden has disregarded another of Donald Trump’s claims of “executive privilege” and ordered the release of White House visitor logs leading up to and including 6 January 2021. The records will be made available by the National Archives to the House select committee investigating the deadly attack on the US Capitol — as the panel’s work advances on multiple fronts.

Meanwhile, as the launch of Mr Trump’s new social media site Truth Social draws near, Donald Trump Jr is being ridiculed promoting his father’s first post on the platform – “Get Ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!” — on Twitter, the platform Trump Sr is banned from.


Some Capitol rioters are serving their sentences in unorthodox ways

Early on in the prosecutions of people arrested for taking part in the 6 January riot, certain lawyers started taking an unusual tack: having their clients read and watch classic works on social injustice, the workings of government, the value of Democracy, and even the Holocaust. The rationale was to get people who had become insulated within a right-wing media ecosystem to think more critically both about their own actions and about the messages that had encouraged them to the point of joining the insurrection.

Among those who took a version of this approach was Edward Hemenway, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour offence. His lawyer argued that he fulfilled the community service portion of his sentence with an online course provided by a specialist website – one that many court systems rule out as an alternative to more traditional forms of work.

As Buzzfeed News reports:

There are nonprofits that offer virtual volunteering opportunities, especially during the pandemic. But a host of local court systems across the country advise on their websites that they won’t accept online service to fulfill court-ordered obligations…

A handful of court websites specifically mention Logan Social Services. The website for the Cobb County, Georgia, court system lists the organization as one of the programs it won’t accept certifications from, stating in all caps: “YOU CAN NOT DO COMMUNITY SERVICE ONLINE” and “YOU CAN NOT PAY FOR YOUR COMMUNITY SERVICE.” It’s also barred by the local court system in Marietta, Georgia.

Trump news live: Hillary Clinton mocks ‘spying’ claims, as Giuliani