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U.S. Stock Market Still Stormy with Continued Volatile Trading


PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ChartBolt™ (https://chartbolt.com/) announced the release of its powerful suite of 10 separate tools to help both day traders and long-term investors make sense of the recently chaotic stock market. ChartBolt™ is a fully digitized indicator system that works with the TradingView free charting application, giving a variety of signals based on trends, support, resistance, price action, and other important metrics. Helping traders analyze the best times to get in and out of the market, ChartBolt™ works as an effective part of an overall trading strategy. ChartBolt™ offers multiple affordable subscription packages, including monthly/quarterly/yearly and lifetime access, along with an educational package designed to help traders maximize their use of the ChartBolt™ software.



“Learning how to run with and make money in the stock market can be a complicated, tricky business,” said Chris Lee, creator of ChartBolt™. “We’ve never seen such volatility before and frankly, at this point, many of the experts are just making guesses about the future of the market. But while there are multiple ways to go about learning the art of trading, having a solid system of trading indicators is crucial.”

ChartBolt™ – The Only Trading System You Need

Leveraging the TradingView application, ChartBolt™ provides the indicators needed to follow the market prices of stocks, forex, crypto, indices, futures, CFDs, and other financial products. ChartBolt™ also comes with multiple momentum oscillators, automated alarms for the phone/PC, an auto-trend line robot, and much more. And ChartBolt™ is paired with 24/7 tech support for every software package, at no additional cost, with constant updates to ensure that the software is always state-of-the-art.

Unique ChartBolt™ tools include:

  • ChartBolt™ Movement: Bright red color to signify bearish movement while green signifies bullish movement. Non-lagging indicator.

  • ChartBolt™ Scalp Levels: Perfect for scalping on lower time frames; potential support/resistance levels on lower time frames. Red line usually indicates resistance level, while green line indicates a support level.

  • ChartBolt™ Top/Bottom: Auto-line self-analyzing robot; lines drawn in real time.

  • ChartBolt™ Ultra I and II: Two auto-line robots (green/white) that capture potential support/resistance levels.

  • ChartBolt™ Momentum: An oscillator that tracks momentum; when the indicator reaches red, it signifies bearish momentum, while green signifies bullish momentum.

  • ChartBolt™ Short/Long Signals: Multiple signals to suggest when traders might want to go long or short on their trades; this indicator can also be set up with an alarm.

  • ChartBolt™ II: The most advanced momentum oscillator, including multiple oscillators in one; green and red humps in the middle indicate bullish or bearish volume and momentum; purple humps indicate the moving average oscillator.

  • ChartBolt™ AD: Using the oscillators as a…


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