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Upcoming Blue Chip Pre-Earnings Overview


The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) and S&P 500 both climbed more than 1% after a tough January. So far, the indexes are still in the red.

We’re still in the thick of earnings season, so let’s take a look at some of the most anticipated releases to be released this week!

Pfizer will be looking to display strength as it approaches its quarterly earnings report on February 8th, 2022. In that report, analysts expect Pfizer to post earnings of $0.84 per share, which would mark year-over-year growth of 100% on Pfizer’s share price. The most recent estimates put their quarterly revenue at $23.89 billion, an increase of 104.43% from the same period last year.

It’s also worth noting that analyst estimates for Pfizer have recently changed. Typically, these changes reflect the most recent short-term business trends, which might shift quickly. As a result, positive estimate revisions can be interpreted as a good sign for the company’s overall performance.

Since its inception, Toyota Motor Corporation has seen a rising trend and will be looking to show strength when it reports its upcoming quarterly earnings. This quarter’s EPS is forecast to be $3.74, a decline of 34% from the same period last year. Currently, revenue forecasts predict $67.26 billion in sales, a reduction of 13.82% from the preceding year’s third-quarter total of $70.2 billion.

Analysts anticipate earnings of $18.31 per share and revenue of $280.62 billion for the entire year. These totals would be up +22.15 and 9.1% from last year, respectively.

*estimated earnings release date

It’s earnings season, and that means Disney gets to show the world how its holiday quarter played out. The streaming giant plummeted to a 15-month low in January, extending a significant downturn that saw Walt Disney stock lose more than 36% of its value.

Disney subscription growth has slowed dramatically, while churn has increased, as many viewers have been dissatisfied with substandard programming, particularly in the Star Wars and Marvel ecosystems. Cruise ships and theme parks are also underperforming, and movie releases have fallen short of analyst expectations.

*estimated earnings release date

The world’s largest soft drink manufacturer is expected to report its fourth-quarter earnings of $0.41 per share, representing a year-over-year decline of over 12% from $0.47 per share seen in the same quarter last year. But revenue would rise by nearly 4% to $8.94 billion.

According to Coke’s most recent quarterly report, the company is already well on its way to recovery. Organic sales climbed by 14% in the third quarter, beating expectations and putting the company well ahead of PepsiCo. A greater focus on on-the-go beverages could help it maintain its lead over the competition as the pandemic winds down.

*estimated earnings release date

The Harrison, New York-based global food and beverage giant is forecast to report fourth-quarter earnings of $1.52 per share, a year-over-year increase…


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